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Photoshop Elements comes to the Mac App Store

Well, well, well. ¬†Adobe has added Photoshop Elements 9 to the Mac App Store as a download, and what’s more, a download version without the organizer, according to the press release. (I haven’t seen it, since I’m not going to try to download anything there this morning. OS X 10.7 aka Lion also debuted there today, so things should be pretty impossible for a while.)

For all you organizer haters or users of other image management programs like iPhoto, this is verrry interesting news. Of course, the fact of the matter is that at $79, you can certainly beat the price elsewhere if you can stand to have organizer go along for the ride. Also, it might not be a bad idea to look up the history of the release dates of new versions of Elements to help you decide about purchasing it.

Here’s the press release, so you can know as much about it as I do for now.