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PSE from the Mac App Store–Fixed!

I’m happy to report that Apple has evidently fixed whatever the problem was with the Mac App Store versions of Photoshop Elements. (See this post if you missed the problem.)

The solution is quite simple. Go to your Applications folder and send the old copy of Photoshop Elements to the trash, then launch the App Store, go to your Purchases and reinstall PSE. Contrary to what I said in the first version of my previous post, you will find out of date versions available for download now.

Note that this only applies to the Mac App Store version of PSE. If you got Elements from anywhere else, you cannot uninstall it by trashing it, and nothing in this post applies to any problems you may be having with your version of PSE.

EDIT 11/14/15: A few people have found that simply downloading and reinstalling isn’t enough. In that case, empty the trash with the old version in it, sign out of the App Store and back in, then try downloading and reinstalling. You will need a fresh download, not a copy from a backup, in this instance.

Second EDIT 11/16/15: If you have PSE 13 from the App Store, you may need to follow the direcions in this Adobe kbase document to fix things:

PSE from the Mac App Store Stops Working

If you bought the Photoshop Elements Editor from the Mac App Store and you’ve tried to use it in the past couple of days, you’ve discovered that it’s not working. Instead you see something like this:

Photoshop Elements is damaged.

Before this, you may get a weird message that you originally downloaded PSE on another computer and you need to sign in to authorize it on this one, even though you know it’s not true.

It’s not anything you did, nor is it the result of some update to El Capitan (10.11). Everyone is having this problem with all the App Store versions on all versions of OS X, and for now there isn’t really a solution.

Evidently there was a problem with expired security certificates that made practically everything from the App Store (not just PSE) stop working the other day, but it’s supposedly fixed now. However, I can confirm that the fixes you will find posted all over the Internet, like here, for example, don’t work for PSE at all, at least not for anyone I know who’s tried them:

First of all, unless you have PSE 13 (the latest App Store version), don’t uninstall PSE unless you have a backup copy someplace. When Adobe releases a new version of PSE for the App Store, the older one becomes unavailable for download in the future.  EDIT I see they’ve changed this; in the past I could not download older versions again, but now the App Store does make the old versions available, a great improvement.)

(You should always keep a backup copy of the App Store versions; normally you can reinstall them by simply dropping the PSE folder into the Applications folder on another Mac. Note that this only applies to the App Store version, not at all in any way to the regular download or disc versions of PSE.) Adobe does offer downloads of older versions on their website, but those all require a serial number for installation, which you don’t have, since your Apple ID takes the place of a serial number for the App Store, so that doesn’t help you, either.

It appears that most App Store apps are fixed, although Elements is still majorly broken. For whatever it’s worth, I have one other App Store application (a silly game that is quite old) that also remains broken, so it’s not totally just an Adobe problem.

Right now all I can say is that Adobe is investigating this, but so far there is no fix for it.  When they get it figured out, I’ll post the solution for you.

If you bought PSE elsewhere, either as a download or on disc, it should be working normally, and any problems you might have aren’t related to this particular issue.

Photoshop Elements 14

As many of you know by now, Adobe has released Photoshop Elements 14.

Many thanks to all those who’ve been asking, but there isn’t going to be a Missing Manual for this version of PSE, I’m afraid.

Thanks to everyone for all your interest and support over the years but everything comes to an end sooner or later, and for me it’s just time to move on to other interests.


A fix for scrolling in Photoshop Elements 13.1

If you use Photoshop Elements for Windows and you’ve applied the update to PSE 13.1, you probably noticed that you have trouble scrolling in the organizer since the update. Adobe has finally released a fix for that, which you can download here:

(If you don’t use the Organizer, or if you have a Mac, there’s no need for this.)

Photoshop Elements 13.1

Today Adobe released the 13.1 update for Photoshop Elements 13.  According to Adobe it includes:

  • User interface improvements
  • Stability-related fixes
  • Elements Live improvements
  • An option to enable Photoshop Elements Editor to switch to 2x resolution

To install the update, just go to the Help Menu->Updates in the Editor.

A Fix for Photoshop Elements 11 and 12 in Yosemite

If you’ve encountered problems with PSE 11 or 12 in Yosemite, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, there’s finally a fix. Just update to 10.10.1 and that should fix things for you. If you installed the plugin that Adobe made available as an interim fix, be sure to remove it. The file path would be:

Applications->Adobe Photoshop Elements (version number)->Support Files->Plug-Ins

For more information, see Adobe’s help document:


Yosemite and PSE, Updated

Just an update about problems with Yosemite and Photoshop Elements.

To summarize, for now it appears that PSE 9 and lower work fine in 10.10, as does PSE 13. PSE 10 is also okay, unless you bought it from the Mac App Store, in which case it has a disconcerting tendency to switch languages to German on updating to 10.10.

As far as I know there’s no real solution for this, at least not yet. Something similar happened after an OS X update back when PSE 10 was the current version of PSE, and this was the suggestion, then, but I haven’t heard of it working now, since OS X has changed a lot since then:

PSE 11 has some problems in Yosemite, but the biggest problems are with PSE 12. First of all, there are problems if you use a trackpad, and Adobe is recommending using a mouse as a workaround. But even without a trackpad some people are having problems, especially with the Move tool.

Adobe has announced that they are working with Apple to try to resolve the PSE 11 and 12 problems in an upcoming update (by which I’m presuming they mean an OS X update, but they don’t specify). They’ve also posted plugin that is supposed to help with the problem for now. See Jeffrey Tranberry’s post in this thread for more information and a download link:

EDIT  (Oops, the discount link is gone today–they must have removed it shortly after posting the plugin.)

Photoshop Elements 12 and Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Since Apple released Yosemite, it’s been kind of puzzling–most people have had no special trouble with PSE 12 since the update, but some people have been having a heck of a time with any of the tools in the Enhance section of the PSE toolbox causing PSE to freeze completely.

It appears that the problem is something to do with trackpads only, so for now, if you switch back to using a mouse everything should work again.