Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 13

Adobe has just announced PSE 13, which is a pretty major update to Photoshop Elements, although the biggest changes are under the hood. There’s  a 64-bit version for Windows (there’s still a 32-bit version if you need that), and finally Elements works correctly with high-resolution displays, like Apple’s retina display.

Other features: no more having to hassle around with adobe mail verification codes–you can use any email provider now. Content-aware fill, new crop tool, more effects and frames in Quick Edit, a new Refine Selection brush for tweaking selections, Photomerge Compose to help move stuff from one photo to another, a totally new slideshow (good and bad–now there’s feature parity on both OS X and Windows, it’s easier than the old slideshow, but much less customizable), a new Create project for building a facebook cover photo, a new view in the Organizer, a revision of the albums/folders tab from PSE 12 that puts each section into its own tab, some new guided edits, and Elements Live, which is kind of like Postano for PSE–a new tab in both the editor and the organizer  that aggregates tutorials and inspirational stuff for PSE from all over the web, not just Adobe.

Missing features this time: no more photo mail (a small price to pay for sane emailing), and if you have a 64-bit version of Windows, no more TWAIN scanning (still available in the 32-bit Windows version and the Mac version).

Also, you need at least Windows 7 or OS X 10.8 for PSE 13. As always, I’d suggest downloading the trial and giving it a good hard workout.