Stuck Windows in Photoshop Elements on a Mac

In the past couple of versions of OS X, more and more people are having trouble with the top of the Organizer window getting trapped up under the menu bar at the very top of their screens (the one with the black apple, the application’s name, File, Edit, etc). More rarely something similar happens with the editor. (To be fair, this isn’t strictly an Adobe problem; other third-party programs do this, too, but I don’t know how to fix those.)

While it can drive you nearly crazy trying to get ahold of that window to move it, there’s actually a relatively easy fix. If it’s the Organizer that’s stuck (and it usually is), just quit the Organizer, then go to your username->Library->Application Support->Adobe->Elements Organizer-> ( version number )->Organizer, and delete the file “status.dat” there, and relaunch the Organizer. You may need to go to File->Manage Catalogs to choose your catalog on opening the Organizer, but that’s all there is to it.

EDIT Forgot to mention that the way to see your username library is to click the Go menu in the Finder and hold down the Option key. Then it will appear below the little house for your user account.

When the Editor window gets stuck, you can usually unstick it by going to System Preferences->Displays and setting your monitor to the lowest available resolution setting there. You may need to do this a couple of times and sometimes choose more than one of the lower resolution settings, but sooner or later the Editor window will snap back into position. Then set your display back to its proper (highest) setting.