PSE 12 and Mavericks Updated

When I posted about PSE and OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) the other day:

I was having trouble inserting images into posts. So for the benefit of those who’ve asked me just which preferences to delete, tt depends on which version(s) you have, but you want to look for files and folders beginning Adobe Photoshop Elements, Elements Organizer, ¬†and com.adobe. Here’s the trash on my Mac after doing this, if it helps (remember I have a lot of different versions on my computer–you probably won’t have more than three files if you only have a single version of PSE installed):

deleted preferences


(I’ve since updated the main post, but I don’t think updates get sent out to subscribers, so here’s the list for those of you who get this blog via email.)

If you still have problems with PSE crashing when opening or saving a file after deleting the preferences, adobe recommends switching your finder windows out of coverflow view:

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