PSE 8, 9, 10 Can’t Sign In, Error 404

If you’ve been using Photoshop Elements 8, 9, or 10 and suddenly you’re finding that you’re stuck in an endless loop for signing in when you start PSE, or getting some kind of error message (usually Error 404 or 400), or it’s just impossibly slow, the problem is your account. is gone. Well, the URL is still active, but it’s just a promo page for Photoshop now. (Just clarify, since a few people don’t seem to understand, you can’t log in anymore. There is nothing to log in to now.) If you had photos stored at you should have gotten a bunch of emails from Adobe over the last several months about how Adobe Revel was replacing and your photos were going to get moved.

Most people got the emails, but Adobe evidently didn’t make it very clear that Revel is not a direct substitute for Elements doesn’t understand anything about Revel (except for PSE 11, which always had links to Revel rather than, and you can’t use Revel from within PSE 8, 9, or 10.

So the problem is that Elements is trying to contact and that isn’t there anymore. Here’s what you need to do get PSE working right again. When you see the sign-in screen, click Cancel. Then:

1. Disable backup/syncing.

Do this from the Organizer’s preferences>Backup/Sync if you can. If not, go to the System Tray/Notifications area at the bottom right of your screen in Windows or the icon in the menubar at the very top of your screen on a Mac and disable everything you can.

2. Stop using the Welcome Screen.

The Welcome Screen is programmed always to try to phone home, even if you had it set to automatically take you straight to the Editor or Organizer, and it will keep trying, bringing PSE to a crawl. So you don’t want to use it anymore.

  • Windows: Go to C:\Program Files or Program Files(x86) for 64-bit systems\Adobe, and find the actual .exe file for the Editor and/or Organizer. (In Windows 7 and 8 its Type is called Application and doesn’t display the .exe. extension.) Right click that and make a desktop shortcut. From now on, use that to start PSE.


  • Mac:  For PSE 8, skip this step. For PSE 9 or 10, go to the Applications folder and find your version of PSE. The Organizer will be Adobe Elements  < Version number > Organizer. The Editor for PSE 9 is the top file in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor. In PSE 10, it’s in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Editor->Support Files. Make a Dock icon. The easiest way is to just launch PSE from there and then go over to your Dock, click-hold on the icon for the running program, and choose “Keep in Dock” from the flyout menu.

3. Go into the Organizer and check your Albums.

For any that show the Sharing symbol, turn off sharing by right-clicking (control-clicking on a Mac if your mouse is set up for one button) the Sharing symbol and stopping it there.

These steps should make PSE usable again, but there’s some bad news, too. Adobe chose to store all online content for these versions at, so none of it is there anymore. That means that anything in your Content panel with a blue or gold banner, or any album templates with banners aren’t there anymore. If you haven’t downloaded those yet, it’s too late now, and you’ll lose them if you ever have to reinstall PSE. Also, if you signed up for, your Organizer contact book was stored there, too, so you can’t use the contact book anymore.

If you’re confused about what happened to, there’s more about the move here:

If you need help with Revel, the basics are covered here:

(Note: None of this pertains to the Mac App Store versions of PSE 9 or 10, but you can’t reinstall those at all now, since they’ve been replaced by PSE 11 in the store and Adobe’s way of making older versions available for re-downloading requires the 24-digit serial number and won’t accept your Apple ID instead.)